MailOnline: US Launch Outdoor Campaign, the online home of the British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, is seriously popular. In fact, it’s the world’s largest newspaper website by unique visitors, more popular in the United States than The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. The purpose of this campaign (the brand’s first advertising in the United States) was to quickly introduce Americans to MailOnline using the unique blend of serious and popular news that makes the site so compulsively readable.


Imagination Playground: Brand Strategy, Website, and Videos

Think back to the wooden blocks you played with as a kid. Blow them up so they’re life-sized. Then make them soft so you can’t get hurt playing with them. That’s Imagination Playground.

The Serial Comma partnered with the creators of Imagination Playground (noted architect David Rockwell and his firm The Rockwell Group) to develop a new brand strategy, website, and videos to launch the product to a wider audience of Schools, Parks & Recreation Departments, and Child Care Centers.

The new is focused on telling the emotional stories of the parents, educators, and kids who have discovered a new way to make play more fun and more educational.

Click the photo below to see the website and watch the videos.

Burch Creative Capital: Brand Strategy and Website

Burch Creative Capital is the investment vehicle for noted investor and entrepreneur Christopher Burch. Its portfolio includes the new brands C. Wonder, Poppin and MONIKA CHIANG as well as previous investments such as Tory Burch, Jawbone, Powermat, and Voss Water.

The Serial Comma created an new brand strategy for the firm that draws a deliberate contrast between a traditional Venture Capital Firm and an entirely new category of company: the Creative Capital Firm. Building on this idea, we created the differentiating concept of Creative Leverage to describe what makes the firm’s investment approach unique.

The Serial Comma brought the new strategy to life on the firm’s new website, Website design is by Tender Creative.

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Bloomberg: Data Visualization

This digital media initiative connects the dots between data points in the global economy to create unexpected insights that others might miss. This ongoing project is created using a real-time media creation model that is flexible enough to react to the day’s business news.



United States Tennis Association: It’s Your Game

Famous rec basketball courts like Rucker Park and Venice Beach have mystique and respect. Why should tennis courts be any different? Awards: 2007 One Show Finalist, Communications Arts Merit, Archive, Original photograhpy by Nadav Kander.

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USTA-HemenwayUSTA-Daffin ParkUSTA-St. Andrews


Intel: What is an Athlete?

Gamers are as picky about their microprocessors as Lebron James is about his shoes. To give gamers a new way of looking at their sport and themselves, we started with the point of view that gaming is a sport and Intel makes athletic gear.




Intel_Athlete_PerformanceEnhancingIntel_Athlete_GoodSportathlete 1


athlete 3athlete 2

Neenah Paper: Think Ink: Color Unleashed iPhone App and Online Tool

Color Unleashed is a free iPhone and web application that uses color psychology to help designers explore the art and science of color. Users can upload their own photos for inspiration or use pictures they take on their iPhone’s built-in camera. The app is powered by the Dewey Color System, the world’s most accurate personality test.

Click the link below to download the app. Click any image below to use Color Unleashed on the web.


Bisquick: “Faces”



Smith Barney: Working Wealth

A campaign to reach wealthy people who didn’t consider themselves wealthy. Winner of the Financial Communications Society Marketer of the Year as well as Silver and Bronze Portfolio awards.


Holiday Inn: Room Change

Click the image below to visit the campaign’s global microsite.


Uniformed Firefighters Association: Budget Cuts Are Suicide

Radio, poster, and guerrilla campaign for New York City’s Firefighter Union. Awards: Art Directors Club Finalist, Radio Mercury Awards Finalist, One Show Merit, London Internationl Advertising Awards.

:60 Radio: “Moviefone” 

:60 Radio: “Please Hold” 



PricewaterhouseCoopers: The New Realities

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act began a new era of heightened scrutiny for public companies, which continues to this day. PricewaterhouseCoopers emerged as a leader to help organizations understand their new responsibilities.



Health Insurance Plan of New York: Medicare for People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday

Minolta: Which Color Tells Your Story?

Based on my own interviews with celebrities closely associated with specific colors. Recognized in Archive Magazine and the US Ad Review.


Health Insurance Plan of New York: Take a Stand Against Diabetes

Intel: Touch of Genius

You’ve never touched a microprocessor before. But it’s touched you. This series of web videos for Intel started with a simple premise: to let people touch technology so it becomes less mysterious and more human. I conducted both of the following interviews as part of a 30-subject shoot day.

This longer-form version of the idea tells the whole story and includes interviews with Intel engineers.

Neenah Paper: Do You Love Linen?

A website to promote Neenah Paper’s line of Linen papers and their free online paper sample ordering service: The Personal Proof. Click to visit the site.


PricewaterhouseCoopers: College Recruiting

How do you convince 22-year-olds to work for an accounting firm? By appealing to their sense of intellectual curiosity and individualism. This multi-year, integrated effort made PricewaterhouseCoopers, the #1 choice among business graduates above Google, Microsoft, and Disney.



United States Tennis Association: Junior Team Tennis

Every year, millions of parents pull their kids out of tennis lessons to go play team sports like baseball, football, and soccer. The USTA created a team-based format called Junior Team Tennis to give parents another option.


Intel Centrino Duo Out-of-Home

Intel_OOH_BatteryIntel_OOH_Wifi Tell the Whole Story

A poster campaign on college campuses promoting Priceline’s cheap long distance service.



The Creole-Tomato

I am the co-founder, editor, and writer of The Creole-Tomato, a news satire website dedicated to my hometown of New Orleans. Four years after starting the project with no other goal than “to make some sad people laugh,” The C-T is part of the local conversation and linked on the blogroll of every major New Orleans blogger. We receive thousands of unique visitors every month.

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